80s Pop: Dancerama - Magenta + Blue - Limited Edition of 8, Screen Print


Hand-pulled, two colour A2 screen print.

This limited edition (of eight) screen print is based on the 80s Pop design. Created when a branch of the computer code used for generating art got stuck in a dead end dug to an unfixable bug. However some of the outputs were saved, and with the help of Hopefully Made were turned into a small number of prints.

The #1 print is reserved for the owner of a corresponding NFT, the remaining seven are available to buy.

Printed in lightfast ink on smooth A2 paper: 420x594 mm, 16.5 x 23.375 inches. Numbered, titled, signed and dated on the front.

Bonus info, the fluorescent pink ink glows under UV light.

Shipped in a tube worldwide by DHL, ETH accepted at checkout.