80s Pop Variety Pack - Print of your Mint!


Fantastic giclée prints of your NFT!

All prints are on Canson Aquarelle Rag 310gsm fine-art textured paper, using archival quality inks, the texture is lovely!

When you place an order you'll be asked for the number/token of your NFT. Please contact me via the ArtBlocks discord, Twitter or Instagram so we can confirm your ownership of the token. Once that's confirmed we'll get the print sent out.

There are three size options, check that your wall can take the size you order 🙂

  • 18x18, has a print area of 16x16 with a 1 inch border
  • 24x24, has a print area of 22x22 with a 1 inch border
  • 30x30, has a print area of 28x28 with a 1 inch border

You can also ask for the print to be unsigned, digitally signed + hash, or signed + numbered.

Both unsigned and digitally signed will be sent directly to you from the printer. If it's signed it'll be sent to me first, I'll sign it, and then put it back in the post to get to you. See the photos for examples of the printed hash/name vs hand written.

"Digitally signed + hash" means it has the hash of your mint, the title, and my name printed just under the image.

"Signed + numbered" means it has the edition number of your mint i.e. x/256, where x is your mint id, the title, my signature and the year written on in 2H pencil.

Payment can be made in ETH at checkout in addition to all the other normal methods.