A3 - Blue lines, random open edition


A design found in the 1248421248 set, here I'm forcing the symmetry.

Created with sine waves and some annoying maths the design is produced and sent to the robot pen plotter where it gets drawn. Once plotted the data is ceremonially deleted by the system, which seemed like a good idea at the time but I'm now somewhat regretting it. Short version, there ain't no other version of this plot.

59 minutes to plot 51.68 meters of blue Sakura Pigma Micron pigment ink onto A3 300gsm Bockingford cold-pressed watercolour paper.

Plot will be signed on the back and shipped without the mount or frame.

Special Instructions

The ink used in this work is archival-ink, light-fast and fade-resistant, the paper is acid-free and also fade-resistant. That said, it's still probably wise to frame it and hang it somewhere out of direct sunlight.