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Elite Ship, 3x3, A3.
Elite Ship, 3x3, A3.
Elite Ship, 3x3, A3.
Elite Ship, 3x3, A3.
Elite Ship, 3x3, A3.
Elite Ship, 3x3, A3.

Elite Ship, 3x3, A3.

£65.00 GBP

  • I've always had a soft spot for the 1980s game Elite, with the spinning Cobra Mrk III at the start-up, "Right on Commander". Using the magic of JavaScript and SVG, here for your delight, if you're about the same age as me, 3x3 Cobras.

    Drawn with the AxiDraw pen plotter, with a Tombow ABT N15 brush pen on A3-ish 100% recycled cotton rag Khadi paper, with a rough edge. You can either frame square with some trimming or rectangular, both regular and float style. Signed and dated on the back.

    30th March 2020
    A3 - 29.7 x 42cm, 11.7 x 16.5 in (ish)
    Tombow ABT N15 black ink on 210gsm 100% recycled cotton rag Khadi paper
    Original© Daniel Catt 2020
    Reference: EX-ES-BL-A3-33-01

    Shipped flat without the frame.

    Special Instructions

    The black ink used in this work is archival-ink, light-fast and fade-resistant, the paper is acid-free and also fade-resistant. That said, it's still probably wise to frame it and hang it somewhere out of direct sunlight.

  • Pen plots are unlike traditional prints; each one is subtly different due to the interaction between the pens used, ink and paper.

    To further complicate/improve things, with traditional printing "Limited Editions" are identical prints, designed to be as close to the original as possible. However, with generative art, each plot is unique due to randomness in the algorithm.

    "Open Edition/Series" means there is no limit to the number that will be produced, but each one will still be unique and different.

    "Limited Edition" refers to a limited number of plots within a series and/or colourways and size, and again each one will be different.

    "Static" is used when each plot in a series will be the same without any randomness, this is normally found in the "Sacred Geometry", but I haven't posted any yet.

  • Orders shipped to the UK are sent using Royal Mail Tracked 24, £4/€4.5/$5*.

    Worldwide orders use Royal Mail International Tracked, with signature where possible (not all countries support signatures), £14/15.5/$18*

    Shipping on orders over £100/€111/$130* are free.

    *Approximate conversion rate. 

  • All plots are send flat without frames, in a protective sleeve, sandwiched between two sturdy sheets of card, like, super sturdy.

    A3 plots are sent in Jiffy Eco Green padded envelopes.

    A4 and smaller are send in board backed C4 and C5 shipping envelopes.

    We ❤️  post 💌

    Returns & Damage

    Sometimes, rarely, there's a chance the postal service will chew up and mangle your plot 😱  If this happens please send me a photo and we'll figure out a refund (less the shipping) or a replacement.

    Please note: As each pen plot is unique (unless otherwise stated) the replacement will be the "same" but in its own slightly different way.

    If you're unhappy with your plot and we can't work something out, then please destroy it in the most entertaining and interesting way possible within 14 days, send me photo proof, and I'll refund the cost excluding shipping.