Explore the complexity of this Classic Perlin Landscape, where three distinct noise fields are applied, each playing their own crucial part. The primary field, like a hidden architect, determines the overall height of landscape features.

Moving to the finer details, the secondary field subtly infuses variations into each line. This not only gives character but also ensures none of the lines are perfectly straight yet strikingly irregular. Lastly, a third field steps in to give the piece an almost hand-drawn quality by strategizing the scattering of the lines.

Crafting the design this way makes it surprisingly complex to plot but results in an engaging visual treat. Uniqueness remains the cornerstone of this artwork. Each time the code executes, it gives birth to an entirely novel Perlin Landscape. No two iterations are alike, which makes this a distinctive and conversation-worthy object d'art.

  • 🖋️ Pigma Micron 05, Black
  • 📄 Bockingford Artists Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper, A3
  • 🤖 AxiDraw V3/A3 pen plotter
  • 💻 Javascript SVG @revdancatt
  • Original ©️ 2023 Daniel Catt

None (variable edition). Signed and dated on the front.

Print size & Shipping:

Paper size:
297mm x 420mm, 11.69" x 16.54"
Print area:
259mm x 356mm, 10.20" x 14.02"

This print is shipped flat without the frame. Shipping is included in the price, and delivered by DLH Worldwide Express. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Special Instructions:

The ink used in this work is archival-ink, light-fast and fade-resistant, the paper is acid-free and also fade-resistant. That said, it's still probably wise to frame it and hang it somewhere out of direct sunlight.